3 Steps To Remove Moss And Stains From A Shake Roof

If you have a shake roof, maintenance is something that you will need to do to ensure your roof lasts for many decades. Some of the maintenance may include common repairs, as well as cleaning the roof. With wood shakes, stains and moss growth can be a major contributor to wear of your roofing. Cleaning shakes is easy but needs to be done a little differently than what you would do with other materials. Here are some simple steps to help you with cleaning your shakes and keeping your roof in good shape: 

1. Sweeping The Roof Gently To Remove Debris From The Cracks

Before you start cleaning, the first thing you will want to do is sweep it. You can use a push-broom to get in all the cracks and remove any loose debris off of the roof. This will also help expose any repairs that you need to do. Use a broom with soft bristles to avoid damaging the shakes. You may also want to use a hand-held brush to get into the cracks between the shakes and remove the grime that gets trapped there.

2. Rinse The Roof With A Bleach Or Fungicide Solution To Kill Moss And Remove Stains

You will want to use a mild bleach solution or fungicide for your roof. If you have a stained roof, you may want to use a product that is meant for shakes to not damage stains. You can use a bucket to spread the water on the roof, but this can be time-consuming. A faster solution is to use a sprayer with a garden hose fitting, such as those used for fertilizers. Make the solution in the bottle more concentrated than you would for a bucket.  

3. Using A Push-Broom To Get In The Cracks And Rinsing The Shakes Clean

A push-broom can be used to do the final scrubbing of the roof. Use the broom to get in the cracks and scrub shakes after you have applied the detergent solution. Make sure all the moss and stains are loose before your rinse your roof clean. This is a process that you may have to repeat several times if your roof has not been cleaned for a long time.

These are some simple steps that you may want to follow when cleaning your shakes. It is important that you do not use pressure washers to clean roofs, as they can damage materials. If you need help with the repairs, replacement, and improvements to your shakes, contact a roofing contractor (such as one from Ratliff Enterprises) and talk with them about installing zinc strips to prevent fungus on your roof.