An Ecological Roof That’s Durable? Slate Is The Solution

If you have a high end commercial property that is undergoing construction, and you want a top of the line ecological roofing option, talk with the commercial roofing contractor about using slate as your covering. Slate is a great roofing option for many reasons, and it's something that should be highly considered for all business owners that want to make a great investment when choosing a roofing material.

Decades of Use

Slate is one of the most reliable roofing options you can consider over time, and it could potentially last up to 150 years. This reduces the amount of maintenance and the probable need for replacement while you're the business owner, so you should only have to buy a new roof one more time when you choose to invest in slate. This makes owning the building more affordable over time.

Ecological Benefits

A slate roof is a very ecological choice because it's an organic material that can be recycled and reused over time, and because of energy conservation. The slate is a cool roofing material that minimizes the amount of heat that gets into the house, helping to keep your business space cool in the summer. This lowers the amount of time the air conditioning runs.

Slate also stops air loss through the top of your commercial building, to help keep the building and your staff warm in the winter. The material conserves roofing costs all year long.

Structural Protection

This natural stone is impact resistant, it isn't going to be damaged by the sun, water or wind, and pests aren't going to burrow into it or destroy it. This helps protect the structure of your commercial property in a variety of ways, and your commercial property insurance policy provider should give you a discount since this slate is so protective and fire resistant.

The slate roofing shingles may cost more than some of the other choices you can use for your commercial property, but you will invest the money knowing you're going to get a roof that is strong and long lasting. Talk with a commercial roofing contractor to make sure your building can withhold the weight of the slate roof, since the shingles can be heavy, or to see what it will cost to have the roof reinforced. These are just some of the many benefits you're going to get when you spend the money on a slate roof.