4 Ideas To Use Your Roofing Replacement As An Opportunity For Solar Energy Improvements

Replacing your roof can be costly, but it is something that may be needed to protect your home. It can also be a great alternative for doing many different improvements to your home; including adding renewable energy to your roof. This can be done with solar panels and skylights and hot water collectors. If you are ready to replace your roof, here are some renewable energy ideas to consider adding to the project:

1. Planning Your New Roof With Solar, Collectors And The Addition Of Skylights

The first step in your renovations is planning the improvements that you are going to want to do. When you are replacing your roof, you may want to do some changes, such as adding skylights or integrating solar features. Contacting your roofing contractor and having them help with the planning stage can make your project go a lot smoother.

2. Adding Solar Panels To Your Roof Using Integrated Roofing Products On Your Home

While there are many solar panels that you may have to plan for with support and changes to your roof, other options can give you solar energy integrated into the roofing materials. Some of the more popular options for this are solar tiles and shingles, but there are also membranes that can be installed on metal roofing and other materials.

3. Giving Your Home Renewable Energy With The Addition Of A Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar energy can also come in the form of thermal energy, which can be an affordable solution with the addition of solar water heaters to your rooftop. The solar water heater can be integrated into the roof design by recessing it into the structure. This can also be a good solution to hide unsightly components in the attic, such as a thermal storage tank and plumbing lines. It will also help protect the system from the elements by having it hidden in the attic.

4. Using Clever Solutions To Disguise The Addition Of Wind Energy To Your Rooftop

Wind energy can be a great way to improve the energy production of your systems, but having a giant wind turbine mounted on your roof can be unsightly. To solve this problem, there are some options that you may want to consider to disguise the turbine, such as installing vertical systems. They can even be housed in a cupola, which can give your home an attractive architectural detail that houses your wind energy.

Renewable energy for your home can be costly, but replacing your roof can be a great opportunity to start. Contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about planning your roof and using roofing materials with solar panels integrated into them. Contact a company, such as US Roofing, for more information.