Stay Safe When Shingling Or Repairing Your Home’s Roof

Stay safe when you make roof repairs by using some common sense and hiring roofing contractors whenever possible. Roofing is dangerous work, which is why it accounts for a third of all annual construction fatalities. Before you take on roofing chores, consider hiring a professional and keep the following in mind before you step up on your home's roof:

Avoid a nasty fall. If you are working on tedious tasks, such as shingling, avoid crouching for extended periods of time. This can cause you to experience numbness in your extremities which could lead to a nasty fall. If you insist on doing it yourself, invest in a roofing seat to provide comfort during these chores while also preventing numbness from sitting in awkward positions when working on a roof.

Handle your ladder safely. Pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations for safe use of your particular ladder. Avoid standing on the top rung of any ladder, as this is not a stable spot and is unsafe. Also, never use your home's gutters to support a ladder; if the gutter segment breaks, you can fall and become seriously injured.

Stay safe from slips. Never try to work or walk on your roof when it is wet and slippery. Even a chilly night can cause a layer of frost to form on your roof, which could potentially cause a fall.  

Don't go it alone. You should always have someone around when you do make the decision to work on your home's roof. This is helpful in the event you need something from down below, or if you run into trouble, help could be just a shout away.

Keep tools close at hand. Another cause of a dangerous fall may be trying to access tools and materials when you are working. Avoid straining for things that may have slipped out of reach which could cause you to lose your balance and take a tumble. Use a sheet of foam to secure tools during roofing jobs, which will prevent these items from slipping and sliding during the chore.

Keep an eye out for low-hanging lines. Any low-hanging line or wire has the potential to electrocute or harm you, so don't ever underestimate the danger that these pose. Watch where and how you move your ladder during such tasks to ensure it doesn't become tangled up on these potentially-live wires or cables.

Working on your home's roof has some potential dangers and merits contacting a contractor to stay safe. If you do find yourself working on your roof, use these tips to stay as safe as possible. Keeping your roof maintained can help prevent further costs and potential damage later on. Contact the best roofing company in your area for more information.