Add A Modern Fireplace To Your Home

Perhaps when you envision a fireplace you think of an old-fashioned hearth such as those found in country homes. However, a fireplace can be as modern as the house itself. Adding a fireplace increases the value of your home – according to the National Center for Real Estate Research it can increase the price of a house by 12%. Of course, fireplaces also generate heat, which can help decrease your utility bills in the winter. Overall, though, having a fireplace even in a modern house can increase the beauty of your home.

New Venting Practices

In the past, you had to locate a fireplace on an exterior wall to pull outside air inside for combustion and exhaust. However, new venting practices allow you to select an interior wall for the fireplace's location. Contractors can install narrow venting inside the internal wall and work it through adjoining structures to an exterior wall. While the fireplace is in operation, fans push the air through the vents.

Fireplace Placement

Since you're no longer constricted in where you locate the fireplace, you can get creative with its placement. For example, modern design is characterized by clean lines and obvious geometry. Consider lining up a fireplace installation with a flat screen television near an arched throughway. Alternatively, have a classic domed fireplace installed centrally in a white wall. Or, consider eschewing the wall altogether. You can have a half-wall built in the center of a room and install a two-sided fireplace as a focal point. 

Mod Fireplace Design

A hearth with a stone surround may look out of place in your contemporary house. Imagine a circular fireplace with an interior that resembles a setting sun. Manufacturers are designing gas fireplaces that take the technology to its most basic so they can re-invent the centuries-old tradition. This new technology also affords you seemingly unlimited options for placement. For example, some fireplaces are even designed to hang on the wall à la a flat screen TV.

Sleek Chimney Design

Just as a stone hearth probably doesn't fit into your modern style house, nor does a stone chimney. Well, it could if you selected flat stone cladding and topped it with a geometric steel chimney cap. Along those same lines, consider replacing the flat stone cladding with an industrial material. Another option is to have a discreet chimney pipe peeking up from your roof. Alternatively, have the contractors (such as those from Karl Mattes Co Inc) install more than one chimney pipe in a cluster as a sort of modern art installment.

Enjoy the traditional pleasures of a fireplace even in your modern-style home.