Tips For Working With Metal Roofing Panels For The First Time

If you are building a backyard shed to house all of your landscaping tools so you can free up some space in your garage to park your car, then installing metal roofing panels is a cost-effective and easy way to roof the shed yourself. Even if you have never installed metal roofing panels before, you can successfully complete this project by keeping these helpful tips in mind:

Wear the Right Work Gloves

Since metal roofing panels are sharp and slippery to handle, dropping one and cutting yourself is a real danger that you need to be aware of when working with this type of roofing material. To safely handle your new shed's metal roofing panels, you should wear gloves that have an exterior coating made of rubber. The rubber coating will protect your hands from cuts and also help you to maintain your grip on the panels so that you do not accidentally drop them.

Square and Level the First Roofing Panel You Install

The first metal panel you install on your new shed's roof needs to be as level and square as possible. If the first roofing panel isn't straight and level, then all the panels that follow will become increasingly out of alignment. To ensure the roof is straight, level, and square, use a contractor's level and metal square edge to set the first roofing panel in place.

Use the Right Cutting Tools

There are three tools that you can use to easily cut your shed's new roofing panels. They are:

  1. a utility knife

  2. a metal cutting drill attachment

  3. tin snips

If you are cutting long flat lengths of roofing material, then you can score them well with a utility knife and bending them back-and-forth will cause the metal to break in a straight line. If you need to cut the panel's corrugated ends, then it is always best to use a sharp pair of tin snips or a metal cutting attachment for your power drill.

Use Your Power Drill's Tension Setting to Avoid Over-Tightening Screws

Finally, you should avoid over-tightening the screws that you install to hold the roofing panels in place. Over-tightening will result in dents in the roofing panels that can later lead to problems with leaks or rust formation. To prevent over-tightening, you should set the tension setting on your power drill so that it will not screw down the screws too deep into the underlayment of the metal roofing panels on your new backyard shed. Talk to a roofer, like David Saner Roofing, for more help.