Business Roofing: Go Green

When you are a business owner, you have many decisions you need to make on any given day and many motivations that lead you to make those decisions. As such, when it comes time to decide between doing extensive repairs on your current roof or installing a new one, you may be weighing your various options. One option that you may not have given consideration to is to install what is known as a green roof. Green roofs involve using living plants as your roofing cover. Get to know some of the reasons that you should consider using your business roof to create more urban green spaces in your city. This will help you make the right roofing decision for your business.

Environmental Impact

If you or your customers are concerned with the impact you make on the environment, then you are likely aware that powering your building, your materials and inventory, and even the fuel it takes for employees and customers to come to your business all impact the environment.

You may be looking for ways to counteract your business's heavy carbon footprint. If so, consider how a green roof can help you with this goal.

Offsetting Your Environmental Impact

Installing a green roof -- on which your roofing material is living plants -- helps offset your business's environmental impact.

Plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a substance that occurs naturally in the environment. However, human activities, including the use of electricity in buildings and the burning of fossil fuels, produce additional carbon dioxide that would not naturally occur. This contributes to issues such as the depleted ozone layer and climate change that are hot button environmental issues today.

By adding extra plants to an urban environment, you will be offsetting the carbon dioxide that your business generates because the plants will absorb some of it and produce oxygen. This works to improve air quality and can have a significant impact, especially within an urban setting. Plants and the soil that they are in also serve as excellent insulation for your building, preventing thermal energy transfers that would make you use more energy to regulate your building temperature.

Now that you know a few of the many reasons to choose to make your business roof into an urban green space, you can hire a commercial roofing company like Amick Roofing Inc. to get started on your new roof right away.