Dealing With Water And Pests Throughout Your Roof And Attic? What To Do

If pests have burrowed holes in your fireplace and wood casing around the roof, and your asphalt shingles are blistering and warping, resulting in water damage and pest infestations, you want to act fast. Call a roofing contractor right away to assess the damage, and to see if you have damages under the roof and throughout the structure. You'll want to make some adjustments and changes, to prevent future problems in your roofing system and home. The roofing contractor should be able to help you with the following things.

Replace Roof Flashing and all Wood

Wherever there is wood on the chimney or roof, you are at the risk of attracting pests. Many insects like to burrow through wood that is dry, and there are some insects attracted to rotting wood. Larger pests like rodents can be attracted to the insects burrowing in the wood. Replacing the flashing around the chimney with metal and all other wood with metal will stop the insects from being attracted to the wood and causing internal infestations.

Add Insulation

Add a layer of insulation between the roof and the attic, to prevent future water or pest issues. Strong spray foam insulation is a great choice because it stops moisture from getting through to the base of the roof, and prevents the accumulation of condensation and moisture on the wood roofing structure. This material also prevents pests from passing through, and will help to improve your heating and cooling bill throughout the year.

Replace Shingles

Instead of replacing the asphalt shingles on the home with other asphalt shingles, consider metal roofing options instead. Metal panels are durable, weather resistant, impact and fire resistant, easy to install, and are going to last for decades. The metal will help to reduce heating and cooling bills, and this material will be a smart investment for your property. The metal will be powder coated and there are many choices to match the exterior of your home.

These are just a few of the things that you'll want to consider when the roofing contractor comes to talk about your roofing problems, and to take care of the water and pest problems you're dealing with. If you don't know a lot about roofing systems or you've never had to repair or replace a roof on a house, get more than one estimate so you can compare the costs and the materials that the roofing companies want to use.