Protecting Your Commercial Roof From Moss Damage

If you live in a wet climate, then you know that moss can become a real problem. When moss growth forms a thick mat over the surface of your commercial roof, you may find that your roof will begin to exhibit signs of water damage and mold growth.

Taking the necessary precautions to prevent moss from becoming established on your roof will help your building's roofing system last longer. Here are three things you can do to protect your roof from moss damage.

1. Install zinc flashing.

If you are looking for a simple way to keep moss off the surface of your building's roof, then installing zinc flashing strips could be the answer. Each time rainwater passes over the zinc flashing, some of the metallic particles are suspended in the rainwater. As the water washes down your roof, the metallic particles will infiltrate any moss growing on the surface and kill off the moss before it has time spread. By doing something as simple as installing zinc flashing on your roof, you can prevent moss growth with minimal effort.

2. Trim back tree branches.

Another simple way to deter moss growth on your roof is by keeping the branches of any trees near your building trimmed away from the surface of your roof. Moss thrives in shady environments, so eliminating the tree branches providing this shade can make conditions less than ideal for moss growth on your roof. Additional sunlight will also help to dry out your roofing shingles, preventing moss from forming in the seams between each shingle in the future.

3. Use chemicals to alter the pH level of your roof.

Moss thrives in an acidic environment (specifically in an environment with a pH measurement of 5.0 to 5.5). If you want to rid your roof of pesky moss growth, applying a chemical solvent could be a great solution.

Having a roofing professional apply a chemical solvent that will either raise the acidity level of your roof or help it become a more basic environment allows you to not only kill off existing moss, but create conditions that prevent the growth of additional moss in the future.

Keeping your commercial roofing free from moss can be a simple way to help your roofing structure last longer. Prevent the water damage and mold growth associated with moss by installing zinc flashing, keeping tree branches trimmed, and using a chemical spray on your roof.