Time For A New Roof? 4 Reasons You Should Choose Metal

There are a lot of choices that go into building a new home. One of the choices you'll have to make will involve the roof. Choosing a roofing material for your new home can be a complicated process, especially since there are so many different issues that will need to be taken into consideration. Here are four reasons why you should put a metal roof at the top of your list for your new home.

Energy Savings

If you live in an area of the country that experiences high summer temperatures, a metal roof might be the way to go for you. Metal roofs reflect the sun's rays, which means it won't be absorbing the heat all day long. As a result, your home will stay cooler during those hot summer days. Energy efficiency translates to savings on your cooling bill. Research shows that a metal roof can reduce your energy usage by about 25%.


When you're planning your new roof, it's important that you include safety benefits in the choice you make. Metal roofs are fire-resistant and can withstand winds up to 140 miles per hour. So, whether you live in a region that's prone to wildfires or tornadoes, a metal roof will provide you and your home with the safety you need.

Easy to Maintain

If you don't want to spend time cleaning your roof each year, a metal roof may be the perfect choice for you. Because mold and algae can grow on asphalt shingles, they need to be cleaned at least once a year. They also need to have leaves and other debris removed to prevent damage. However, mold and algae are not a problem for metal roofs, which means you won't have to spend time with cleaning. You also won't have to remove leaves and other debris.


If you plan making your next home your last home, you're going to want a roofing material that will last you as long as you own your home. That's where metal roofing comes in. According to studies, most metal roofs come with a 50-year warranty, which should provide you with protection for as long as you own your home.

Now that it's time to choose a roof for your new home, be sure you choose one that will provide you the maximum benefits. For more information on why you should choose a metal roof for your home, be sure to speak to your roofing contractor like one from Acoma Roofing.