3 Ideas That Will Give Your Roof A Modern Makeover When Its Replaced

Eventually, it is going to be time to replace your roof and you may want a look that is different than conventional asphalt shingles. There are many modern roofing materials that you can choose from to change the look of your roof, such as using synthetic slates and rubber-like shingles.  You can also consider modern improvements with energy efficiency by adding integrated solar features. Here are some ideas to give your roof a modern makeover when you have to replace it:

1. Using Solar Energy Integrated Into Your Roof Design

Solar energy is a great option to give your roof modern features and a new look. Once, this was only possible with unsightly panels that mount to the roof (which may still be an option). Today, there are systems that have the solar panels integrated into the roofing itself. These systems can be great for different types of synthetic roofing products, which can be part of the shingles or tiles, as well as for metal roofing with membranes that lay flat on the roof.

2. Synthetic Roofing Materials For A Durable New Look

Synthetic roofing materials are made of many different materials, which include rubber-like shingles that are used to simulate the look of slate. These can be a great solution to give your roofing a modern look with a slate-like materials that is durable and lightweight. One of the great benefits of these materials is that they are lightweight; allowing you to use them to replace old asphalt shingles, or to give your home the look of slate or shakes without spending a fortune on roofing materials.

3. Roofing Tiles Choices For A New Modern Look For Your Home

Roofing tiles are another option that you may want to consider. These can be concrete tiles, which are manufactured in many different styles. They can have a more traditional look of clay, or you may want to consider tiles with more modern styles to give your home a new look. One of the benefits of tile is that it is extremely durable and will almost never need to be replaced. It may need occasional repairs, which you can by a few extra tiles for the occasional repairs to your roof.

These are some ideas that you will want to consider to give your roof a modern make over when it is time to have it replaced. Contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about some of these ideas for a more modern roof.