Best And Worst Roofing Materials For A French Provincial Home

A French Provincial homes combines the country charm of a chateau with eye-pleasing symmetrical lines. Features of the style include parallel wide front porch and balcony each accented with balustrades and large double windows with shutters arranged in a symmetrical pattern. The house is topped off with a large and noticeable hip-style roof.

If you have a French Provincial home and need new roofing materials, there are a few style-specific materials to keep in mind while meeting with the roofing contractor. Here are some of the best and worst roofing materials for a French Provincial home.

Best: Wood Shingles or Shakes

The roof on a French Provincial is a steeper, taller version of a hipped roof, which means there is a lot of visible roof that you will need to cover and that will have a big impact on the curb appeal of your home. You can enhance your curb appeal and the country-chic nature of the home by using wooden shakes or shingles on the roof.

The main difference between shakes and shingles is how the materials are cut from the cedar tree. Shingles are narrower and somewhat flatter but still more textured than something like slate tile or asphalt shingles. Shakes are thicker both in girth and in texture and will give the home more of that country cottage look while adding dimension to the roof.

Both shakes and shingles are available in any wood stain color. If you have other wooden ornamentation on the home, such as shutters or the balustrades, try to pair the color of the roofing with those elements. You can either match the two perfectly or choose a complimentary roof stain shade.

Best: Slate Tile

Do you have a larger roofing budget and want to bring out the more palatial aspects of the French Provincial? Slate tile roofing can add a large dose of elegance to your home. This roofing choice is particularly good if your other ornamentation is fairly simple or muted in coloring.

Slate tile is available in the natural colors of the stone and can be laid in patterns similar to brick, which also makes this material a great choice for homes that have brickwork accents. The material is durable and low maintenance but also one of the pricier roofing materials available.

Worst: Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is increasingly popular in modern builds because the material has come a long way from its industrial roots. But the look of a metal roof still doesn't pair well with the overall style of a French Provincial home, which does not have or lend well to a modern look.

There is the possibility of incorporating metal flashing, or small pieces of metal roofing, under your wood or slate roofing in the areas where waterproofing are a major concern. But that's more of a functional addition than a full-on roofing material choice.