How To Reshingle A Shed Roof

If you have an asphalt shingled shed roof, you soon learn the shingles are prone to damage. It is possible to replace the shingles, and not have to replace the whole roof. However, the shingles need replacing as soon as possible to keep the wood decking from getting damaged.

You should be able to replace the shingles yourself, since shed roofs usually aren't as high as a house roof. Here are tips to replace shed roof shingles.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need the following: 

  • ladder
  • dumpsters
  • utility knife
  • pry bar
  • hammer
  • galvanized roofing nails
  • magnetic sweep
  • three-tab shingles

Set an extension ladder on level, firm ground, and get an assistant to hold it for you, if needed. Wear a tool belt to carry tools, and wear rubber-sole shoes. Have dumpster available to dump debris for easy cleanup.

Remove the Old Shingles

Begin removing shingles at the roof peak, and remove one shingle or  row at a time. Pull the old shingles off by slipping the straight tip of the pry bar under them, and press the pry bar down.

Ensure the V-notch attaches to the nail shank. Rotate the pry bar side to side to loosen the nail. Attach the pry bar on the adjacent nail next to the loosened nail, and twist the nail to loosen it. Repeat the process for additional nails in the shingle.

Insert the flat end of the pry bar under the shingle, and push the pry bar down. The downward movement will help loosen the nails more. Raise the shingle carefully to avoid damaging good adjacent shingles. Remove damaged roofing felt.

Install the New Shingle

If the felt needs replacing, hammer the new felt. Trim excess felt with the utility knife, when you reach the end of a row. Add another felt layer over the first layer in the reverse direction with a slight overlap.

Lift an overlapping shingle, and insert a replacement shingle where the old shingle was removed. Hammer a nail in the middle of the shingle, and at both edges while the adjacent shingle is raised.

If you are replacing a row of shingles on the roof edge, the shingle should extend about one-fourth inch over the roof edge. Trim access shingle on the ends of rows. When you are done, use a magnetic.sweeper to find lost nails in the grass.

Replacing shingles will make the shed look new again. Working on roofs requires paying close attention to safety. If you don't trust your skill, or the roof is seriously damaged, contact a roofer about a replacement.