3 Benefits Provided by a Ceramic Roof

One of the best roofing options that you can consider for your home is ceramic, mostly because ceramic tiles can provide a host of benefits that many other roofing materials cannot. Listed below are three benefits provided by a ceramic roof.

Long Lasting

One of the most important reasons to consider getting a ceramic roof is the fact that ceramic tiles have a very long lifespan when compared to many of the other roofing materials on the market. There are quite a few roofing materials on the market that tend to top out of the lifespan of under 50 years, whereas ceramic tiles are well known to last quite a bit longer than that. This makes ceramic tiles a fantastic option if you want a roofing material that you will not have to worry about replacing for the lifespan of your home or for the time that you are living in the home.

Low Maintenance 

Another reason to consider a ceramic roof is the fact that it requires less maintenance than many comparable roofing materials. For example, a ceramic-tile roof is not going to be susceptible to rot or mold due to the fact that ceramic does not absorb water very well. However, concrete tiles, which are ceramic's main competitor, absorb quite a bit more water than ceramic tiles, and this water absorption leads to mold and mildew developing on the surface of the concrete and thus to additional maintenance. 

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, a ceramic roof is a fantastic option for anyone who is trying to make their home environmentally friendly. One of the reasons for this is that when you build a ceramic-tile roof, the shape of the tiles will direct airflow both above and beneath the title itself.

This flow of air creates a buffer that will provide further insulation to your home and will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. As a result, you won't have to waste as much energy or money on your heating or air-conditioning bills throughout the year.

In addition, the long lifespan of ceramic-tile roofing means that you will not have to replace your roof very often, if at all. This means that you will not be contributing to waste materials that will be ending up in a landfill and taking up space for years to come.

Contact a roofing contractor such as Burke's Roofing today in order to discuss the many benefits provided by a ceramic roof and to determine whether ceramic tiles would be a good fit for your home. A ceramic roof is a great choice because it is long lasting and requires less maintenance than many other roofing materials while also being environmentally friendly.