Metal Roofing 101: 4 Eye-Catching Styles To Consider

Metal roofing is a wonderful option for many homes. But, if you are like most people, you probably think of a plain piece of metal over the roof of your home. However, metal roofing doesn't have to be so plain or boring. Contrary to what you might think, metal roofing can be very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Some of the more popular metal roofing styles for residential homes include:

1. Rustic Shingles

As the name suggests, rustic style metal shingles resemble typical shingles. They often feature a wood grain pattern and texture, which is quite beautiful. Like wood, these shingles come in a variety of colors. This makes it extremely easy to match your homes color palate. The best part about this style of metal roofing is that it looks exactly like traditional wood shingles but has all the benefits of metal. Unlike wood, these shingles won't become water logged and split. They are also resistant to rotting, molding, and warping.

2. Granular Coated Shingles

Another popular style of metal roofing is granulated shingles. This style might sound odd, but it isn't. Granulated shingles are covered in a granular and acrylic coating. This coating makes the metal look like tile or natural stone. As you might imagine, these shingles come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Even better, this style of interlocking metal roof can be installed directly over an existing wood system. This makes it extremely affordable.

3. Simulated Tile

Simulated tile is another great style for metal roofing. This style of roofing mimics traditional tile roofs. You can find them in all sorts of styles, from Spanish clay to Mediterranean villa tile. This alone makes this style of metal roofing extremely popular. Available in several colors, simulated tile metal roofs make it easy to match your existing home's personal style.

4. Metal Panels

Finally, metal panels are also an option for residential homes. Although more commonly found on commercial buildings, this industrial style roof is also being used on residential homes. If you enjoy the industrial style, this roof might just be the perfect option. Affordable and available in a multitude of colors, this no-frills option might just work for you.

As you can see, there are many style options available when it comes to metal roofing. If you are interested in learning more or seeing some of these styles, contact a local metal roofing contractor from a company like BCI Metal Roofing. These professionals can help you determine what type, style, and color of metal roofing matches your home the best.