Get Your Gutters Looking Good For Spring

Take care of your property by giving your gutters a little attention this spring. Some steps to getting your gutters looking good include:

Trough clearing. You can use a plumbing snake to clear any debris out of the troughs of your gutter segments. Get leaves, dirt, and animal droppings out of each segment so that water can move freely through your gutter system.

Spring cleaning. After clearing the troughs, get ready to clean your gutters before run-off and the rainy season. Wash them with a mixture of warm water and mild, environmentally safe soap, using a garden hose or pressure washer. Rinse well, and watch for any spaces that seem to be leaking or sagging.

Tightening segments. Watch for loose or sagging segments, and tighten the bolts that hold each segment together. If you need to replace bolts or segments, try to use the same holes that have already been drilled, and use caulking around each new bolt. This ensures a secure, tight fit.

Looking for leaks. Check your gutters for leaks to prevent potential damage to your home that can occur during storms and precipitation. Some possible problems that can crop up include staining, leaking, and mold growth. Pour water down the upper-most part of the gutter system, and have another pair of eyes on the ground watching for where water may be escaping and leaking out before hitting the downspout.

Addressing sags. If you do have a sagging segment in your gutter, make sure to replace it promptly. These can pose a significant risk during wind and rain, and may break free, causing property damage or bodily injury. Reinforce sagging segments with hardware that provides support, which is available at home improvement stores.

Guarding gutters. If you really want to get your gutters looking good for spring, invest in gutter guards. These fit down over the segments, keeping dirt and debris out of your troughs. Also, make sure that you are properly using your gutters and not exposing them to deterioration through improper use.

Take care and guard your gutters against damage with these tips:

  • Never lean a ladder against the gutters.
  • Snake out your gutters frequently to prevent weight that can compromise the system.
  • Evaluate your downspout periodically, including after storms, to make sure it is pointed away from your home, rather than toward your home or basement.
  • Keep any nearby foliage trimmed year-round to prevent possible interference with your home's gutters.

Talk with home improvement vendors about supplies to clean, clear, and restore your home's gutter system. Use these tips to get your gutters looking good! For professional assistance with caring for your gutters, contact a company like Hogan  Roofing.