Using Synthetics On Commercial Roofs

Is it time to change your roof material? If you are going to make this major investment into your commercial building, you have to do your research. You need to choose a material that fits with your home style, but that will be energy efficient for your climate. Obviously, the most efficient insulated products for a roof in San Francisco are not going to be the most efficient and practical for a building in Alaska. Most homeowners are in understandably concerned about the lifespan of their roofing product. Of course, the most practical product does depend on where you live, but synthetic roofing materials are generally longer lasting.

What Are Synthetic Roofs?

Synthetic products are made out of it variety of composite, stones, plastics, and other materials. Often, these are recycled fibers that are the byproduct of another form of manufacturing. For instance, the stone could be used from the product of pre-cast concrete. The eco-friendly characteristic of these recycled products is very attractive to many building owners.

Perfectly Designed for Roofing

It is important to realize that most brands will have slightly different formulas for their synthetic products. However, they are made to be as strong as possible, while also being as light as possible. Lightness is a huge factor, especially when it comes to the eventual price of the product. The lighter the tiles are, the cheaper they can be sold on to you. So, there is often a compromise between lightness and insulation. That is, products that are slightly thicker will have greater insulation, so they are going to be heavier, even if they have the same formula.

A Long-Lasting and Easy-to-Own Product

Homeowners who choose to install a synthetic product usually end up being very pleased with their decision, especially after years of owning it and not investing any extra money. They look great, and they require very little maintenance. Most synthetic products can last over 75 years, and they don't require any upkeep or repairs during that time. Synthetic products are usually produced with smooth finishes which prevent them from getting stained. So, cleaning them is never really a problem. The finishes are also fade resistant, so you don't need to reapply or reinforce them over the years.

It is hard to beat the practical and stylish attributes of synthetic roofs; they are ideal for roofs of any size and on any style of building. To learn more, contact a commercial roofing company like WNC Roofing.