The Benefits Of Having A New Roof Installed During The Summer

If you are in need of a new roof, you may find yourself wondering what time of year is best to have it installed. There are many benefits to having your roof installed during the summer months. Taking the time to learn about these benefits can help you decide if this is the best time of year for your new roof to be installed. Here are three of those benefits. 

Less Chance of Weather-Related Delays

The top reason why you should consider having a new roof installed during the summer is because there is less chance of weather-related delays when having a roof installed in the summer. Roofs can be significantly harder to install when it is raining or snowing out. And depending on the type of roof you are having installed, it may be flat out impossible. In most areas, the weather in summer is warm and dry, making it the perfect time to have a roof installed without the threat of rain, snow, and ice. 

The Temperature Remains Consistent

Another major advantage to having a roof installed during the summer months is that the temperatures remain fairly consistent during these months. Many roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, rubber, and metal, expand when it is hot and contract when it is cold. If the weather changes from hot to cold during the roof installation process, as it frequently does in the spring or fall, it can make it harder for a roofing contractor to account for this expansion or contraction. This may mean that roofing materials on your roof are not properly spaced, meaning either too much roofing material is used or too little is used, exposing your roof to potential leaks in the future. This is less likely to happen if temperatures remain stable, as they tend to do during the summer. 

Your Family Can Take a Trip

The last benefit to having a new roof installed during the summer months is that your family can take a trip or be out of the house. Installing a roof is a loud process that can disturb those living inside. Unfortunately, it can be tough if you have kids living at home. Their schedules can be disrupted. During the summer months when the kids are out of school, you can ask a relative to take your kids for a few days, or have your spouse take a short trip with the kids, making it easy for them to stay away while the roof is being installed.  

If you need a new roof, now is the perfect time to start getting estimates and schedule the work to be completed. This helps to ensure that your new roof is in place when inclement weather hits. Contact a roofer today to schedule a roof inspection or obtain an estimate for a new roof.