Composite Vs. Real Wood Shingles

Composite wood shingles offer a convenience and affordability that is hard to beat. Homeowners love the look of real wood products, but they might not love how much maintenance it requires to own a wooden roof. This is why composite materials are so desirable. Also, a composite product is usually going to be cheaper than a similar wooden product. This article explains why composite wood is a great choice for residential roofing.

Advantages over Real Wood Shingles

Natural wood shingles are cheap, stylish, and easy to install. They continue to be one of the most common roofing materials throughout the globe. But, they have short lifespans because wood gets worn down and deteriorates after years of exposure to the elements. While it does depend exactly on what brand and product to buy, most real wooden shingles will only last 25 years. Also, the wood can change dramatically during this time period because it is a natural material that is always changing its shape. The finish can pick up a patina, the color can fade, and the grains can start to warp.

Not only do composite wood shingles last longer, they also hold their shape and style better. A 10 year old composite wood shingle will look pretty much the same as the day it was installed. This is very different from natural wood shingle. Since wood has grains that can absorb water and stains, there is a greater risk of moss and debris settling onto shingles.

Composite woods are designed with smooth, water, and stain resistant textures. A shingle will feel more emollient that a rough wood shingle. This resilient texture makes the product much easier to maintain. It is basically unaffected by the elements. Rain will drain off of composite wood with ease, instead of soaking into it.

Better Insulation

Another great thing about composite wood products is the improved insulation. First of all composite woods are lighter but also thicker, so that they have better insulation. Also, the protective outer texture helps to deflect sun rays, rather than absorb them. In a sunny and hot region, this will definitely help to reduce heat transfer through your roof deck. Many homeowners are choosing composite over real wood products mainly because of how they can reduce utility bills.

Composite wood shingles are going to become more and more popular as more styles, designs, and shapes are being manufactured at affordable prices.

Don't worry, if you have any questions, you can always ask a roofing contractor in your area.