See Water Spots on Your Roof? Target the Leak and Fix It Fast

Small stains that look like wet spots on your ceilings in the house are indications of water problems. If you have a few spots that are growing inside, ignoring these flaws can be a huge mistake. You want to get an inspection and the advice of a roofing contractor right away because there could be internal water problems throughout the house that you aren't able to see.  Discuss the following issues and possibilities with the roofing contractors can so you can figure out your next step. 

Stop the Water

First, you need to stop the water and find the source of the leak. Have the roofing contractor target the leak and seal the area temporarily until a permanent solution can be determined. This commonly occurs from lifted shingles, shingles that are warped or blistered, or shingles that have just worn over time.

There could also be leaks around the gables or soffits, around a chimney, or in other areas where the materials have deteriorated. They will first need to find the leak, stop it, fix the problem, and then start to work on the inside. 

Damages Under the Roof

There are types of damages under the roof that makes it difficult to see what is going on. If there is a leak, chances are that you have to deal with:

• Replacing rotting wood

• Adding new insulation

• Treating for mold and mildew 

• Considering new ventilation options

The damages under the roof are now leaking into the ceiling of the home, so they need to be repaired right away. Find out what internal repairs are needed. 

There is a chance that these damages have also spread throughout the interior and exterior walls of the home. Have these areas checked for moisture or water damages, and the problems that come with stagnate water in the home. You want everything repaired at once so you don't have to worry about future problems.

There are a lot of different issues that can arise when you are dealing with a roof leak, regardless of whether the leak is large or small. If there are visible water spots on your ceiling, make sure to dry the area out and get the leak or problem fixed. Once the water spot is repaired and the ceiling is dry, you will want to paint it with a sealant that is designed to kill mold or mildew. From there, you can have a fresh, clean, and brightly painted white ceiling, and the roof will be restored as needed. 

Find a provider of roofing services in your area to learn more.