Commercial Roofing Information For Businesses

Commercial buildings will usually have very large roofs that must be protected and maintained. Improper care of a business's roof can have dire consequences due to the damages and other problems that the roof may soon develop.

Are Flat Roofs More Prone To Flooding?

The large size of commercial roofs make them excellent candidates for flat roof systems. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that a flat roof will be extremely prone to developing large puddles of water. If formed, these puddles can cause the flat roof to rot and degrade while also placing tremendous pressure on the roof supports. However, these roofs actually have a slight incline that will allow the water to run off the roof. These roofs may develop some minor puddles, but they should be able to drain or evaporate soon. In situations where you notice that these puddles are lingering, it may indicate that an indention is forming in the roof that will need to be repaired to stop the water from puddling in this area.

What Impacts Will The Sun Have On Your Business's Roof?

The sun can be another factor that is often surprisingly important when concerning your business's roof. The intense heat and light from the sun will be enough to gradually degrade rubber and asphalt. Eventually, both of these materials can develop deep cracks that will prevent the roof from being able to effectively protect the building's interior. Preventing sun damage to your roof will require an ultraviolet light absorbing or reflecting coating to be applied. These coatings act as barriers that can protect the materials used in your roof so that they will avoid needing to be replaced due to unnecessary solar damage. Promoting the growth of trees or other plants that could provide shade for the building can be another option for mitigating these problems.

How Long Must A Business Remain Closed For A Roof Replacement?

Replacing a roof is a major change for any building. However, business owners find that it is possible to avoid the need to close for the duration of this work. Closing for any period of time can result in sizable lost revenue and profits, which explains business leaders' reluctance to schedule major roof repairs. A professional commercial roofing service will be able to help a business with completing this upgrade in a manner that keeps the business closed for as short of a time as possible. This may involve doing this work at night, on the weekends or during other times when the business would already be closed.