Why It’s Worth Installing A New Roof Rather Than A Layover

If the time has come to install a new roof, you'll have a couple of options about how to do it. You can lay the new material directly on top of the existing roof, or you can rip it all out to install new material. Here are some reasons why it's worth installing a brand new roof rather than laying it over old material.

Repair Damage

One thing that many people don't realize about a layover roof is that it doesn't give you the opportunity to repair damage to your home's roof. If there are shingles that are causing leaks that have reached the roof felt and roof deck, there will be no way to repair this damage. The wood can rot and mold can form, and it will be buried under two layers of roofing material. 

A new roof gives you a much needed fresh start when you are replacing a roof due to roofing problems. As much as you would like to save money on your new roof installation, know that it could end up costing you later when that damage becomes worse. 

Gain A Longer Warranty

It's worth looking into how the warranty will work with the roofing material that you use in your home. You may be shocked to discover that you will get a longer warranty on the roofing material if it is installed as a new roof instead of a layover. This ensures that the shingles are being installed in an ideal way, which will help lengthen the longevity of the material. 

Increase Home's Value

Planning on selling your home soon? If so, that new roof is going to be something that potential home buyers focus on when considering your house. Having a brand new roof installed will add to your home's overall resale value because the new owner won't have to worry about roofing problems for quite some time. However, a layover roof might be seen as a bad thing to some home buyers, since they'll think that the roofing material won't last as long. That's why a new tear off the roof could actually lead to increasing your home's resale value as a result. 

Not sure which direction you should go with your home's roof? Contact a roofing company in your area so that they can consult you on what they recommend. They can take a look at your existing roof and determine if it's a good candidate for a layover, or if the tear-off method will be the better choice. 

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