The Signs Your Roof Is About To Give Way

The feeling of having an unsteady roof over your head is one of the worst in the world, especially as a homeowner. Luckily, all is not lost until the roof actually does come down, and there are many things you can do to combat this before it gets to that stage, especially with the help of a professional. But how do you know if you need to call for emergency roof repair or if it can wait for a more regularly scheduled appointment? You need to look out for the signs of a failing roof, so here are there of the most common ones.

Stains In Your Ceiling

If your ceiling below the roof is showcasing large water stains, then you need to call for emergency roof repairs as soon as possible. Often, you can check the roof yourself and find nothing wrong, as even the smallest gaps can cause steady drops of rain to get in your house and begin rotting the ceiling. If you act fast, you may not even have to replace the part of the ceiling which was affected. If you see multiple ceiling stains in the same area, then it could be a much more serious problem than anticipated.

Animal Noises Inside

If you hear the sounds of rats or other vermin rustling around in your roof, then they might have come in through a gap in your roofing. In a roundabout way, the vermin might have accidentally helped you by exposing the presence of a large gap before the next heavy rainfall. If you hear animal footprints, you should always call for emergency roof repair and pest control. Don't let the same family of pests escape, as they will only come back and make the hole or gap bigger to get back.

Mortar Starting To Crumble

If you are able to physically inspect your roof once a year then the signs of an aging roof become a lot clearer. In the case of roofs made from shingles, which cover most houses these days, mortar or some other bonding agent is almost always used throughout the cracks. This mortar is the first part of your roof to go as it is the most porous. If you see it crumbling or misshapen then you want to replace the mortar before the whole roof gets affected by the weak link in the chain.

For more information, contact an emergency roof repair company.