Protecting Your Commercial Roof From Moss Damage

If you live in a wet climate, then you know that moss can become a real problem. When moss growth forms a thick mat over the surface of your commercial roof, you may find that your roof will begin to exhibit signs of water damage and mold growth. Taking the necessary precautions to prevent moss from becoming established on your roof will help your building's roofing system last longer. Here are three things you can do to protect your roof from moss damage. Read More 

Business Roofing: Go Green

When you are a business owner, you have many decisions you need to make on any given day and many motivations that lead you to make those decisions. As such, when it comes time to decide between doing extensive repairs on your current roof or installing a new one, you may be weighing your various options. One option that you may not have given consideration to is to install what is known as a green roof. Read More 

Three Signs To Identify Hail Damage

A roof is meant to shelter your home from the ravages of mother nature and, of all parts of your home, the roof is the most exposed to the fury of the elements. Learning to identify the damages left by each one of mother nature's attacks will help you to make quick repairs before leaks can develop and undermine the integrity of your roof. Hail, for example, leaves a distinct mark on a roof. Read More 

Dealing With Water And Pests Throughout Your Roof And Attic? What To Do

If pests have burrowed holes in your fireplace and wood casing around the roof, and your asphalt shingles are blistering and warping, resulting in water damage and pest infestations, you want to act fast. Call a roofing contractor right away to assess the damage, and to see if you have damages under the roof and throughout the structure. You'll want to make some adjustments and changes, to prevent future problems in your roofing system and home. Read More 

Roof Need Repairs? 4 Tips For Ladder Safety

If this is going to be your first time climbing up on your roof to inspect your roof, you may not be familiar with the proper way to use your ladder. Not following proper procedures when climbing up on your roof can lead to serious injuries. Before you climb the ladder, here are four safety tips you'll want to follow. Keep it Stable Before you set your ladder up, you want to make sure it's going to be on stable ground. Read More