Causes And Remedies For Water Pooling On A Roof

Your roof is supposed to form a protective membrane against moisture, which means the water should quickly drain off and away from your home. Unfortunately, moisture can sometimes pool on the roof, resulting in a major problem. The following are a few reasons why moisture pooling occurs along with tips on how to prevent the problem. Issue #1: Clogged gutters Dirty gutters or clogged downspouts can lead to moisture collecting on the roof instead of running off properly. Read More 

Add A Modern Fireplace To Your Home

Perhaps when you envision a fireplace you think of an old-fashioned hearth such as those found in country homes. However, a fireplace can be as modern as the house itself. Adding a fireplace increases the value of your home – according to the National Center for Real Estate Research it can increase the price of a house by 12%. Of course, fireplaces also generate heat, which can help decrease your utility bills in the winter. Read More 

2 Considerations When Choosing Roofing Materials For An American Craftsman Home

American Craftsman homes first gained popularity in the early 1900s but have reappeared consistently over the years in various revival styles. Craftsman homes are defined by a lot of different architectural features and many of those features are found on the roof. The shape of the Craftsman roof is typically a low-pitched version of a gabled roof that can also involve hips where another roof segment attaches. The house also likely has dormers protruding from the gable and the dormers have roofs of their own to contend with during a roof replacement or when seeking roof repair in your area. Read More 

Tips For Working With Metal Roofing Panels For The First Time

If you are building a backyard shed to house all of your landscaping tools so you can free up some space in your garage to park your car, then installing metal roofing panels is a cost-effective and easy way to roof the shed yourself. Even if you have never installed metal roofing panels before, you can successfully complete this project by keeping these helpful tips in mind: Wear the Right Work Gloves Read More 

Go For A Green Roof And Keep Some Green In Your Wallet

Although the initial cost of installing a green roof on your home is higher than replacing your existing roof, you can save money on roof repairs and energy costs over the life of the green roof system. You can also do your part in protecting the environment and making your neighborhood a more pleasant place to live. Of course, if your existing roof needs repair, you must have it repaired before installing a green roof over it. Read More