How To Reshingle A Shed Roof

If you have an asphalt shingled shed roof, you soon learn the shingles are prone to damage. It is possible to replace the shingles, and not have to replace the whole roof. However, the shingles need replacing as soon as possible to keep the wood decking from getting damaged. You should be able to replace the shingles yourself, since shed roofs usually aren't as high as a house roof. Here are tips to replace shed roof shingles. Read More 

3 Tips For Temporarily Replacing Missing Shingles On Your Roof After A Storm

After walking outside after a storm, you may have noticed several shingles from your roof lying on the ground. If so, this means that parts of the underlying plywood are exposed, which could lead to rapid deterioration and eventual leakage. If you would like to try to replace the missing shingles yourself, use the three tips below. Find Suitable Replacement Shingles Before you get up on the roof, pick up any shingles you find on the ground. Read More 

2 Ways To Check For Roof Damage After A Tornado

If you have just had a tornado go past your house, you know that it can be a pretty terrifying thing to happen. Once it has gone past and all the adrenaline has had a chance to drain out of your system, it's time to regroup and assess the damage. Your roof takes a lot of battering from a tornado, so it may be one of the things that you focus the most time and attention on. Read More 

Folk And Stick: Best And Worst Roofing Materials For The More Rustic Victorian House Styles

Hearing the words "Victorian home" might bring to mind some stately, overly elegant home with a high degree of ornamentation and higher material costs. But Victorian homes come in many shapes, sizes, and décor styles. Two such styles – the folk and the stick-style – have an almost rustic quality that combines the nobility of a Victorian with classic countryside charm. If you own one of the more rustic styles of Victorian homes and need a new roofing material for repairs or restorations, there are a few different materials that work best for each style. Read More 

3 Best Roofing Materials For An Octagon-Style House

Octagon homes have a distinct geometric shape, wraparound porches, and a hipped roof that supports a darling cupola. The homes, an architectural rarity mostly found in the Midwest and Northeast, were designed to maximize the amount of light and ventilation inside the living spaces. If you own one of these architectural marvels and are on the market for a new roof or roof repair, some roofing materials will work better with this roof and house style than others. Read More