3 Ideas That Will Give Your Roof A Modern Makeover When Its Replaced

Eventually, it is going to be time to replace your roof and you may want a look that is different than conventional asphalt shingles. There are many modern roofing materials that you can choose from to change the look of your roof, such as using synthetic slates and rubber-like shingles.  You can also consider modern improvements with energy efficiency by adding integrated solar features. Here are some ideas to give your roof a modern makeover when you have to replace it: Read More 

4 Great Tips For Roof Maintenance

In order to be sure that your roof remains up to par, it pays to keep up with maintenance in a way that lets you avoid leaks and get the best overall performance. This acts as a great investment into your household, since it will protect your home structure and allow you to save money on repairs and on your utility costs. With this in mind, follow these roof maintenance tips below to keep your home at its best. Read More 

Time For A New Roof? 4 Reasons You Should Choose Metal

There are a lot of choices that go into building a new home. One of the choices you'll have to make will involve the roof. Choosing a roofing material for your new home can be a complicated process, especially since there are so many different issues that will need to be taken into consideration. Here are four reasons why you should put a metal roof at the top of your list for your new home. Read More 

Six Factors That Will Have An Impact On The Costs Of Your New Roof Installation

A new roof installation can be an expensive home improvement project that could possibly cost over $25,000 if you're not careful. If you're aware of what factors drive up the cost of a new roof, you may be able to save some money on your new roof installation. The following are six of the factors that will have the most significant impact on the cost of your new roof installation: Read More 

Two Approaches To Replacement Roofing And Why Your Contractor Might Select One Over The Other

Replacing parts of a roof often depends on a variety of factors. After your contractor has assessed the condition of your roof, both underneath (in your attic) and above (the exterior roofing conditions), he or she might decide that one approach makes more sense than the others. Here are two approaches to replacement roofing and why your contractor might select one over the other. Patch Replacement Approach You might have a section of roof that looks torn up or badly beaten. Read More