The Commercial Construction Guide To Membrane And Rubber Roofing Materials

If you want to have a more efficient commercial building design, membrane roofing materials are a great option. These materials can be rubber roofing systems that are designed to provide a lightweight, energy-efficient, and impermeable surface for commercial buildings. There are options and features that you want to consider before installing a rubber roof, and the following guide will help with this: Commercial Roof Drainage Systems—The decking and drainage systems are the first areas that need to be planned before the installation of rubber roofing. Read More 

Roofing Work Your House May Need

A homeowner is likely to find that there are several problems that their roof may encounter, and they will want to know how to address these issues in a cost-effective and durable way. Shingle Damage Shingles being damaged or removed from the roof can be common issues for a home to experience. When the shingles that cover the roof become damaged, misaligned, or get removed, the roof will experience a severe decrease in the protection that it is able to afford the home. Read More 

What Can You Do About Peeling Chimney Flashing?

When you think about roof damage, the first thing that may come to mind is probably damaged or missing shingles. But the flashing that surrounds your chimney is a part of your roof, too. In fact, chimney flashing is one of the most common roof components to show signs of failure and damage. Ultimately, you want to have flashing damage repaired by a professional. But since water can literally gush in behind peeling or loose flashing, you may want to make some temporary repairs yourself — just until your roof repair company can get there. Read More